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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Soundtrack For Brazil

For Brazil fans who want an avant garde soundtrack to the World Cup games, try the Brazilian group Uakti and the sound of wooden vibraphone. This piece, Tiquiê River/Japurá River, was written by the contemporary American composer Philip Glass. My favorite Uakti piece is for flute players, electronica fans and those who love them: Alnitak, circa 1991.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Brighter Dawn From Greece

There are good stories from Greece that won't make headlines.
Of course there is high unemployment and shocking financial corruption pervading Greek society. There is increased crime in some places. The marginalized, illegal, uneducated and otherwise poor immigrants in Greece seem to be a ticking time bomb. Then there is the horrible Nazi-sympathizer Golden Dawn political party that has captured votes.
The antidote is Christos Rafalides, a young vibraphonist from Kozani in Northern Greece. He loved music and studied it, getting a Bachelors in Boston and a Master's in New York. Now he's playing the smooth wooden xylophone, with its warm and wonderful tones, in some of the best jazz venues in Manhattan, and with the best orchestras and artists in Greece. Right now.
Young, successful people from Greece keep popping up in New York, working and adapting in ways that immigrants 100 years ago couldn't imagine. They are often smart and priveleged, but working hard -- especially in the arts.
It's fascinating how Rafalides, other instrumentalists and vocalists are interpreting familiar Greek songs with jazz compositions. But mostly, it's just cool to see someone make a career on vibes, which always was one of my favorite concert band instruments. Video below. Here's more on vibe player Rafalides.