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Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Yorker Cartoonist: Revenge of the Pen

Charlie hebdo deaths2A poignant illustration and comment from cartoonist Liza Donnelly, forwarded to me: "My heart goes out to the families of the cartoonist and others who were killed in the senseless violence at the offices of Charlie Hebdo. Cartoons are incredibly powerful, and it is the responsibility of the cartoonist to use her power for good. The cartoonists who were killed did just that in their own way; it is a provocative way, but that is their right.  I mourn the loss of these cartoonists as champions of freedom of expression.  My solution to revenge their killing is to draw for peace at every opportunity."

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai Taj

After terrorists struck in Mumbai, I posted this peaceful shot I took in front of the Taj Palace & Tower there in January. This Muslim woman is looking onto the harbor where the terrorists arrived, possibly from the Arabian Sea. The Hindustan Times is an interesting source for opinion; hundreds have been injured and more than 170 have died across the city. The Wall Street Journal originally reported terrorists took 15 people hostage, but the number moved higher and now we all know six were killed at the Jewish center. Chicago news outlets are reporting some harrowing tales of escape by Chicagoans. Our Columbia University group stayed at a different Mumbai Taj on the ocean, miles away. It was across the street from a bombed-out building that no one would talk about. Large, well-appointed hotels are viewed as safer than small hotels, and the Taj costs an outrageous sum, by poor Indians' standards, at about $250 per night. I always found the safety assumption rather illogical, having stayed at a small pension in Jaipur for $25 per night, with a night guard (and omelettes for breakfast.)
The shot at right shows the hotel that was attacked -- the Taj Palace -- and a shanty in the foreground that faced the nearby Gate of India. There's more on the history of the hotel on the Web. It's one more piece in the giant Tata empire. WSJ reported that Jamsetji Tata, founder of India's Tata Group, commissioned the hotel and it is "the center for business, entertaining, and upscale dining for the city's financial community and for visiting dignitaries." The Tatas built it because even they were not allowed into "white" hotels. The situation is tragic.