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Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Greek Tango

In the Greek movie The Christmas Tango, the climax is one tango of several minutes that connects two people for a lifetime.
Actually, three people are connected, but you have to see the film to get the love triangle. If you needed proof that the tango craze has made its way to Athens, consider that Greek superstar musician George Dalaras (Γιώργος Νταλάρας) sings the high-drama theme song, "Μια στιγμή για πάντα," (lyrics: One Moment For Always). Translation isn't perfect, but select lines:

Πάντα εσυ του πόθου μου είσαι το νησί, Always you are my lusted-after island
πάντα η χαμένη μου πατρίδα είσαι εσυ,  always you are my longed-after country
στην ξενιτιά μου η μονακριβη ελπίδα,  in my exile, my only hope
πάντα ο φάρος στο χαμό μου,  always a beacon in my loss
η αμμουδιά στο γυρισμο μου, the sand beneath my return
και στη δίψα το νερό μου είσαι εσύ... and in thirst, you are my water
Κι αν ο χρονος μας λυγίσει,  and if the years bend us,
κι ο καιρός μας πολεμήσει,  and time fights us,
τι μπορεί να μας χωρίσει, what can separate us
τόση αγάπη πως να σβήσει, with so much love to extinguish?
Χίλιες θάλασσες θ’ ανοίξω,  A thousand seas I’ll open
χίλιες μοίρες θα νικησω, a thousand degrees I will overcome
κι οταν θα σε συναντήσω, and when I meet you
θα `ναι μια στιγμή για πάντα,  it will be a moment for always,
αγκαλιά στο Θεό, in the arms of God
πάντα, σ’ ενα τάνγκο για δυο,  forever a tango for two
μαζι για πάντα... together always .....

Monday, September 16, 2013

Facundo Speaks About Tango

Talented Argentine tango dancer Carlos "Facundo" Posadas, and his wife, Ching Ping, are just mesmerising to watch on dance floors in New York.
Their tango reality is not about the speed and flourishes that young tango aficionados show off. In this interview, Facundo describes tango as something you feel, and it doesn't matter how old you are, or the particular pace/style you dance. He says -- he's in his 70s, hard to believe -- that he now prefers dancing to music from certain older performers. Those include di Sarli and Osvaldo Pugliese.
The one thing you notice when you watch Facundo and Ching Ping dance: they make ample use of the "pausa"-- they pause in the middle of the dance floor, embracing, to feel the moment. And then they move forward.
In tango, the man is the leader, but the woman has to know how to follow and move, with flare, or they'll be stymied and bored and they won't move forward. There are a lot of metaphors for life in tango. It has a way of taking over. People who love it say tango is a way of life.

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