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Monday, June 3, 2013

Frances Ha & Hot Chocolate

Saw a fun art film shot in black and white called "Frances Ha."
It is about a peculiar, lost, "undatable" creative girl. Very New York City and of the moment. But the soundtrack includes an old song that had me suddenly grooving out ---called "Everyone's a Winner," by Hot Chocolate. What a great blast from the past to resurrect!
It was on my running, hand-written, favorite songs list, the one with seemingly expired ideas for the used-record shop. Today, I was exiting the movie and listening to the full music video on my smartphone. I remember driving to our beach place, radio on and windows open, and hearing "Everyone's a Winner," along with "Strawberry Letter 22," by Brothers Johnson, as we traversed the Dan Ryan and the Indiana Skyway.
Here's the Frances Ha trailer. Below, the video.