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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yogurt Cotton Kandaki

Yiayia would have been perplexed at yogurt-and-lemon-infused cotton candy, but boy, that's the tastiest, most inventive Greek sweet I have consumed in ages.
And it just might be Lenten, too. Karidopita, baked with real honey to connote the consistency of flourless chocolate cake, but with the taste of walnuts and spices, cannot be Lenten!
Those desserts capped an otherwise just-okay meal last night at Anthos, the midtown restaurant opened by a guy named Michael Psilakis, one of New York's most celebrated new chefs since Mario Batali. Inventive twists on Greek themes are his thing; he also runs Kefi on the Upper West Side. My peeve: his salads are unpleasantly salty. No matter. The New York Times loves him Q&A here and review here, and Esquire named him Chef of the Year. He still buys tea and spices in Astoria, for the photographers anyway. I don't know how he'll do in Midtown in a recession, especially with a $35 prix fixe promo.