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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Do Smartphones Dumb Down The Greek Language? X! X3ro!

You can write with the Greek alphabet on many smartphones, and the iPhone Greek keyboard makes messaging very simple.

But Android phones don't come with Greek keyboards, and long Greek words mean expense and hassle. So more and more Greek-speaking people are using Roman letters combined with abbreviations to text on phones. Greek is daunting: is the "E" sound spelled ει, οι, η, ι, υ ?! But as technology speeds up communication, will the result erode written Greek? A University of Western Macedonia study in 2008-2009 found that "Greeklish" is slipping into Greek students' work, with crazy word spellings, the use of Roman letters, and other mistakes that totally confound teachers. An example from a recent text I received:
Received: Efxaristo poli, sou efxome ke esana oti pothis.
Should be: efharisto polu, sou efhomai kai se sena oti potheis.
In Greek: ευχαριστώ πολύ, σoυ εύχομαι σε σένα ότι ποθείς.
In English: Thank you very much. I wish you whatever you desire.
The iPhone has a built-in Greek dictionary that auto-corrects spellings, teaching students of Greek like me. But foreign scripts should be universally accepted on all devices -- or supported by the data providers. That many devices can't intercept Greek-language texts is one more reason for me to put up with the small-screened iPhone, for now.

Many decades ago my grandfather taught and still used some Katharevousa, or high Greek. He and one of my uncles lamented new word usage and abbreviations in Demotiki, the everyday Greek that is now widely used in all but government, court or scientific settings. When my parents were kids, U.S. Greek school lessons required learning all the complex accents -- Greek diacritics -- that were mostly abandoned in the 1980s.

My favorite Greeklish for texting and tweeting: x! That is an abbreviation for χάλια (halia), meaning lousy, really bad.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Schwartzman on iPad

You have to watch Jason Schwartzman's hysterical video for the New Yorker iPad application. Mobile tablets are a good idea for many reasons, including avoiding blindness from smartphone overuse. And to keep up with all the new publications for iPad, like News Corp's  The Daily, the new mobile "newspaper" from my bosses. Not to mention Barron's swell iPad app.

Monday, June 8, 2009

iPhone Greek

Barron's Writer Eric Savitz just blogged a tidbit that will make Hellenes happy the world over: the iPhone 3.0 software available later this month will support Greek ... along with Hebrew, Arabic, Korean and Thai. Not to mention cutting and pasting and a ton of other stuff. See Tech Trader Daily for more from Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference today.