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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Deep in Queens

Deep in Queens, the late-night subway fashion is just ... indescribable.
Those are purple socks. Jade ring for added color.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NYer: Chicago=Beige

This week’s New Yorker magazine delivers reasons to love the Windy City based on high-end shopping, while delivering snotty slams about Chicago.
Here's a Praise Chicago short list from the New Yorker article:
1. Garbage is confined in rear alleys. So civilized.
2. The Marshall Field’s legacy.
3. “We’re not into names like Prada.” (Just “O”, Ultimo and Ikram Goldman -Michelle Obama's fashion guru.)
4. “It’s easier to be on top of the pile here.”
5. Chicago corruption is more democratic.
6. The Chicago Architecture Foundation divides the city into 237 neighborhoods, many described by hopefuls as “the next Meatpacking District.”
7. From designer Cynthia Rowley, a native: “The community supports you. That’s what gave me the courage and confidence to go to New York.”
And here's a handy list of Chicago's boutiques by neighborhood.