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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hurricane Boardwalk

Long Beach, NY boardwalk, May 2013.
Long Beach, NY, April 2013 -- After Hurricane Sandy on the Atlantic Coast last fall, there is no boardwalk here.
But the concrete pylons remain and cast some long shadows. Some windows in the single-family neighborhood are boarded up. Some shrubs seem to have perished in the saltwater flood. The beach is full of sharp glass and plastic shards. While I was getting a manicure, one local woman said she's just now having new floors and walls installed, but no kitchen yet.
Happily, the windy salt air still is rejuvenating.

UPDATE, July 2013: The sand on Long Beach is no longer full of obvious shards, and the boardwalk is now under construction. But there are no showers, and the city still is charging $12 to sun and swim on this shabbier shore --even if you show up just before 6 p.m. when the lifeguards quit.
Long Beach, NY boardwalk from Allegria Hotel, July 2013.
The federal government is covering most of the $44 million reconstruction cost for a boardwalk with tropical wood planks and a cement border atop the old pylons (at left). But environmentalists are claiming the wood was harvested improperly. If so, that would violate newish Long Beach regulations and would further delay construction. One recent weekend, there was no construction traffic on the makeshift plank road next to the boardwalk.
As always, the tide keeps its routine and the sea mist is totally transforming.
More in the Long Island Press and a good photo of where things were this winter, here.