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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Arjun's Monkey

A graphic artist named Arjun Kariyal who blogs from New Delhi took this photo of a lovely elephant and monkey teaset at the Oxford bookstore in the Statesman building, wherever that is. Well put: "Now that's how I like my chai, thank you, sir," says Arjun. Very sleek! Check it out and also scroll to the very bottom to see that Charles Manson is apparently alive and well, sporting linen whites, and navigating traffic for Arjun. Seriously, Americans need to get rid of their cars and adopt India's driver-as-genius model.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chai Masala

For 5 rupees, or about 15 cents, here's how a cup of hot, spicy chai masala tea is served. It seems there is always a bruised aluminum pot boiling with milk and tea combined, and a sieve at the ready. Glasses are just rinsed from patron to patron, or more often you get a thin plastic cup in the demitasse size. I sipped this one in Tirupati, India, which is the site of the famous Tirumala shrine. People shave their heads there in the hope that prayers will be met by the black-faced god on display -- the one that requires a three-hour line to view. Even little children are not spared. It's an exhausting day -- sweating, waiting in line with pushy people, and then shaving trauma, if your family is devoted -- so a cup of chai is definitely recommended when you start the day.