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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fish Soup & Kalamari

Found an irresistible special on a chalkboard menu today: ψαρόσουπα-- with carrot, potato, just a bit of flaky white fish and lots of fresh lemon. It may have had a little tomato, or okra, for flavor. And it was not pureed, but not too chunky. I had καλαμαράκια and pita bread on the side.
This is my favorite taverna in Astoria: Tiny, nice menu with a few twists, the server with hazel eyes always calls me sweetie, and today he's playing the best acoustic rebetika. Antiques and old photos on the shelves, below wood beams. Νow playing: "Φεύγω, γιασου γιασου!"
This fish soup recipe is quite simple.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

On Saturday Night Live tonight!

The man at right and his friend Michelle from Dallas got lost in Astoria today as they looked for Stamatis Restaurant.
So I took them past it to my favorite spot, Taverna To Koutouki - tiny, decent food, warm hosts and best: fabulous antique Plaka decor. (on 23rd Avenue -- Η Ταβερνα του Κουτουκι) And then he casually mentioned that he plays keyboards for rapper Eminem and will be on Saturday Night Live tonight! His first name is so unusual that all I can remember is E.