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Thursday, January 3, 2013

St. Peter's Pleasant Pint

Happy New Year! Here's a very pleasant beer I discovered at my local New York grocery, via an exclusive Boston importer: St. Peter's Ale.
Comes from Suffolk, England. Brewery is in a "medieval hall" of a large, half-moated house dating back to 1280. In the 1500s, "ecclesiastical salvage" from a nunnery, no thanks to Henry VIII, was used to expand the property. Seems some holiness was preserved in the brand, called St. Peter's!
I tried the winter ale, a dark brew, but not as thick as a Guinness.
The irony is that this grocery doesn't even sell the best Greek or Italian cheese, and only recently started carrying organic products. Says something about neighborhood transition.
Prices for booze are competitive at said store, but I'll risk injury by trekking home by subway with Trader Joe's bags packed in downtown Manhattan before paying $25 per pound for "aged" Gouda in Astoria.