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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Manganiyar Seduction NYC

A total of 36 musicians in stacked red boxes - lit with bright, round bulbs - seduced the audience Thursday night.
"The Manganiyar Seduction" was a sight-and-sound experience - their Rajasthan-style turbans, hand gestures, flutes, drums - non stop for nearly 90 minutes!
It was at the Rose Theater at the time Warner Center, and part of the White Lights Festival. Photo shot with my iPhone 3G.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Rajasthani Girls

Police are investigating 21 doctors accused of aborting girl babies in Rajasthan, India, even though it's illegal to perform ultrasound tests on a pregnant woman to determine gender. The BBC reports that as many as 10 million girl fetuses have been aborted in India over the past 20 years. Womens groups in the state's capital, Jaipur, recently protested to shed light on the subject; families prefer boys given the cost to wed a daughter. One of India's many new television channels recently re-exposed the subject, a national issue we heard about on our CBS/Chazen Social Enterprise trip. In Hyderabad, we visited a Lifespring women's medical clinic where nurses displayed prominent illustrations explaining the fetus testing law (see photo, above.) Lifespring is partly financed by Acumen Fund and targets rural, poor women who typically face societal and familial pressure to abort girls.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I'll be staying within a 500-year-old desert fort in India in just three weeks, as part of a four-day tour in Rajasthan including Jaipur and Jaisalmer. I'm not prepared, and neither is my digital camera, whose Kodak battery positively stinks. Apparently this place, the Golden City so-named for its carved, sandstone walls reflecting the setting sun, was described in a book that was made into a 1974 movie released in the United States as "The Golden Fortress" by Bengali writer and director Satyajit Ray.