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Friday, September 7, 2012

Turkish Boat Sinks: 30 Refugee Kids Drown

On their way from near Izmir, Turkey, apparently headed to the Greek isle of Samos by night, 61 migrants with mostly Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian passports drowned Thursday, according to an NBC story.
Half were children. The Turkish crew survived and was arrested.
Greece has complained for years that it cannot control its porous, coastal borders and that it is being used as a gateway to Europe. Greece also receives EU aide for illegal migrants.
The Onassis Foundation in New York hosted an amazing installation several years ago on this theme. The artist created whitewashed boats, shaped like giant pods containing beans, and suspended them over flowing water in the noisy Onassis atrium.
The New Yorkers pushed and drank and left. Do they remember?
The latest drownings are deja vu: see the book described in my post below on the David Kherdian family story, circa 1920.And of course, there is our family story, among countless others.
No transit, no safety, no identity, and no protector in authority. Is migrant and refugee desperation and suffering a fact of life in the world?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fasolia Finance!

Who is behind the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Foundation? A finer reading of the foundation's lawsuit -- filed against JPMorgan March 25 after it lost millions on Bear Stearns stock -- indicates it's registered in Vaduz. Where is Vaduz? The capital of the principality of Liechtenstein, a known tax shelter for foundations including the Onassis Foundation where the Freedom of Information Act doesn't apply. And to boot, most people are Catholic. Does this foundation represent a player to whom legitimate church leaders handed too much authority? The U.S. church says there's no relationship. Could it be renegade religious folk abroad? Plain vanilla shareholder activists? Who knows? Someone. Post here! Attorneys representing the foundation trustee, who has a Greek last name and isn't particularly Google-able, are based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Here's the thing. If you Google this foundation, you reach my little blog about microfinance, social enterprise, and travel to India. What does that tell you? That lawsuits can be full of fasolia - beans. The official U.S. Greek Orthodox Archdiocese claims no involvement; wealthy investors in its "Leadership 100" must have some insights. As I said in two posts below, imagine if this "orthodox" foundation had invested even a fraction of the $3 million lost in a development project or microfinance fund with real returns.