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Saturday, July 11, 2015

More Sun, More Water

Heliotherapia - salt, sea and sun - somewhere on Long Beach Island, New York.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Beat the Heat: Go Greek (Yogurt)

Everyone's getting into the Greek yogurt craze: this food proprietor's sign greeted me as I entered our Midtown office building today: "Put Your Greek On." The store, Fresh, is adding a yogurt station to its expensive salads and lunchtime health nibbles. Let's see if the yogurt is thickened in a pure way.
Yogurt has become my theme of the summer: earlier I wrote about New York's yogurt summit, and have learned more about Chobani, the upstart yogurt company founded by entrepreneur Hamdi Ulukaya.
Ulukaya is Kurdish and Turkish and grew up on a dairy farm in Turkey. He came to New York and tried feta cheese manufacturing before launching a strained yogurt enterprise.
His story in this video, and the one below:

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lemon Sole Off The Boat

Undisclosed Beach, NY -- Went to lovely mass this hazy morning at a Catholic church near the sea.
After coffee in the parish's flower-filled outdoor grotto, I headed to a pier-front vendor to buy some raw lemon sole fresh from the Atlantic Ocean. Cooked it in a pan with a tablespoon of water, and served with a little quinoa pasta pesto.
The seafood proprietor explained the local clams, made the case for local tuna, and offered me a raw scallop just off the boat - very tasty, no preservatives.
Better still is the fresh salt air on a protected beach.