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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sicilian Easter Egg Bread

A Sicilian tradition on display at Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery this Sunday morning.
A true local bakery, this place still has Lenten cookies for Greek customers waiting for Orthodox Easter in early May. Someone really needs to unite our calendars.
In the meantime, I will be reading recipes for the "bread" at right and other delicious concoctions on this interesting cooking blog, "The Italian Dish" and its recipe for Italian Easter bread.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Eggs

Preparations for the Resurrection and Easter continue with tonight's somber reading of 12 gospels describing Christ's crucifixion. But preparing boiled red eggs for Sunday's meal -- a symbol of new life -- is always comedic. Take the label on the Greek red dye packet (fireworks not included): "Boil the desired eggs and let them cold." Check. The problem is getting the dye to set without creating pink eggs or red hands. The trick is some combination of vinegar and oil. Prayer also is required because the dye packet is no help: "Dissolve the dye ... put in a pot cold or hot water, a glass of vinegar, and the dissolved dye to cover a layer of eggs. Stir it well." Some go natural with onion skins for dye. Not sure. So to recap: cooks the eggs, color them beautiful up to 30 eggs. Hot, cold water, no diffrenz. Don' worry measurements, dolly. As Mrs. Yiannakos might say, "Thank you very nice." Kali Anastasi