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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Orthodox Christian Meeting in Crete & Women?

Greek Orthodox leaders meeting in Crete, Greece.
Source: Archdeacon Panteleimon
The Orthodox Church is holding an unprecedented council in Crete.

It was supposed to be in Istanbul but that was deemed too risky. So far the press releases are formalities and the American priests' Facebook posts reflect how awestruck everyone is.

On day one, today, the big story is that the Russians didn't participate. It's a patriarchal power game, and the BBC reported the Russians have issues with the Ukranian Orthodox and unity efforts.

Photos from the St. Menas Cathedral in the city of Iraklion look inspiring, as were the vistas from an ancient monastery overlooking the
Mediterranean Sea.

Sadly, I have not seen any nuns or females in photos. With greater sadness, I point out the orange juice brand (see photo) that someone decided should be served to make a scantily-clad point. You couldn't serve that today in Iznik, Turkey. That city was formerly called Nicea, and was where another of these famous councils came up with the Nicene Creed used in most Christian churches. We still pray for "one Holy, catholic (true) and apostolic church."

Hopefully we won't be visiting the Orthodox Church's ashes with tour buses in another 1000 years; that's the drill in Iznik now. We all hope for some inspiration from this council.

Photo credit: New Yorker And Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Archdeacon Panteleimon via Facebook, showing the leader of the American Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Demetrios, seated at far left.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Greece already faces competition from cheaper, newer Mediterranean tourist destinations, so pity the citizens of Crete who are fed up with ill-mannered Euro trash visitors. So a 26-year-old Cretan woman goes to a bar, and exits a martyr after she doused a Sambuca drink on a British tourist and set his shirt on fire. He got second degree burns, she got a lawyer and claims she acted after the younger man groped her and made lewd comments. A plumber, he denies the charges: sexual assault, molestation and using insulting language. Pipe man returned home, but a trial is supposed to take place next week, according to theKathimerini article in English. Beware of Greeks bearing drinks.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Athens Riots

The gap between rich and poor, the authoritarianism and apathy of the current regime, and that rebellious spirit I referred to in a post on Greek longevity have conspired in Greece again: anarchists, leftists and just plain angry youths have taken to the streets in Athens after a policeman shot a 15-year-old in Athens' Exarchia neighborhood last night, apparently at close range for no reason, according to a New York Times report. Teargas, gas-bombs, smoke in the streets -- and it has spread to Thessaloniki, Crete and Kerkyra. I didn't remember that the central Ahtens university campus is a safe haven where students can retreat and police cannot enter. Exarchia, according to a Christian Science Monitor article, is known as a hub for the anti-establishment movement.