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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Soccer Travel, Italian Style

From the online magazine Quartz, just love these shots. Better rendition on

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Soundtrack For Brazil

For Brazil fans who want an avant garde soundtrack to the World Cup games, try the Brazilian group Uakti and the sound of wooden vibraphone. This piece, Tiquiê River/Japurá River, was written by the contemporary American composer Philip Glass.
My favorite Uakti piece is for flute players, electronica fans and those who love them: Alnitak, circa 1991.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cuelho: Love Without Trying to Understand

Love others, says author Paulo Cuelho in his new book.
"Love – because you will be the first to benefit. The world around you will reward you, even if, at first, you say to yourself: ‘They don’t understand my love.’ Love does not need to be understood. It needs only to be shown."
He wrote the well-known book, "The Alchemist." but I didn't realize he fought to be a writer, and devoted himself to it full time only after a spiritual pilgrimage in Spain, according to this biography of Cuelho. He often visits the themes of expressing love and conquering fear. Cuelho observes that by avoiding confrontations with the unpleasant, you won't suffer, but won't live in fullness. Life is so simple, isn't it?
He says he was married several times before he found his partner, in his late 30s, and talks about the great valleys one must go through to reach new highs ... in love, in life. He went to jail for a time, and was tortured.
Back to now: Cuelho has a great blog and brilliant social media connections to his new book, "Manuscript From Accra." Cuelho's video channel includes travels, advice and thoughts from his "office" -- his head -- that make a writer come alive. It's pretty genius video, and he should be making money at it. One video is him driving through a Middle Eastern desert, because, he says, try crazy things, have fun and learn from whatever happens. There's a great shot of the turbaned, robed driver standing on the SUV, phoning for help as the sun sets.
Here is Cuelho on the two angels who knock on our door, pushing us to change, to pursue our dreams: the angel of death and the angel of good luck: