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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lovin' Avgolemono

A funny video on egg-lemon soup, that therapy for the soul with a heavy twist of citrus. It's the latest from a cheesy, local Greek kid with a good sense of humor named Sotirios, or "So Tiri" which is Greek-English for "So Cheese." (His last video featured feta and a goat.) With apologies to the Fugees and praise for his grooving grandmother or Yiayia. The intro lyrics:

You know I like feta and bread,
But I also like avgolemono.
Let’s go to eat!
I went to my Yiayia’s
For her to fix me something to eat
She cooked pastitsio (Greek lasagna)
But I was still hungry.
Avgolemono. Fix it for me please.
It’s the only soup that I love.
Put a carrot in the water,
Two carrots and a little celery
In about an hour it will smell great
You mix in milk and eggs,
At the end you put in rice, and squeeze two lemons … 
Bean soup, lentil soup, get out of here!
When I go to bed, you’re always on my mind,
And when I get up? Avgolemono.