Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nora Ephron, No Paltry Sum

Legendary writer and journalist Nora Ephron died today.
Her work was full of fabulous wit and juicy detail, which is apparent in this New Yorker essay I saved and read several times. It covers death and inheritance, and there's even a Greek angle.
The New York Times obituary has more detail -- love that she started as a fledgling city reporter in 1960s New York and, albeit coming from a family full of writers, she succeeded in Hollywood.
Her secret to life? Husband number three. "Marry an Italian," she said.

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sophiafo said...

I am SO glad you posted that wonderful piece by Nora Ephron. I felt like she was speaking to me... a message I hear over and over, and she said it while I was laughing.