Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ganesh in NY

Missing India, I dragged a friend today to Chennai Gardens, on 27th Street, for a veg meal of dosa, uttapam and a little halwah for dessert, Tamil Nadu style with almond and cardamom flavor.

Only in New York, it was kosher too. The neighborhood offers a tailor who will make jootis and a grocery with chai masala spices, rotis and packaged curries. Plus elephant-god Ganesh statues in brass for sale everywhere!

Even ABC Carpet & Home has gone Indian with a wall of Ganesh, remover of obstacles, in marble or wood, a floor-to-ceiling wall of fake-orange marigolds, stacks of hand-stitched Indian bed covers for $500 each and Indian jewelry (gemstones, gold and silver) at absolutely ridiculous prices.

I am thinking about Jaipur most. But I found a site where you can see its Rajasthani turbans, forts and even the Gem Palace in a Gem Palace video.

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